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This is a blog dedicated to the anime InuxBoku Secret Service. I'll upload any new manga chapters and LOTS of pictures :). If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Welcome to Ayakashi Kan :)
el-em-eff-ay-oh sent: AND the fanfic was freakin adorable :')


New FanFiction!

I just wrote a short, cute, fluffy fanfiction with Ririchiyo and Miketsukami =^.^= I’d be honored if you guys read it and left a review! Please tell me what you think about it ^^

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Ririchiyo is my dream girlfriend. -Anonymous

Hey guys!

I know I posted something similar before but the Inu x Boku SS RP group I’m a part of is lacking a Sorinozuka and we all would really like for him to come into the family! So if anyone would be willing to create an RP blog for Sorinozuka, please respond to this or just send me a message!

Thank you!

kurokocchi-yeah sent: hamaigawd, i love this show! and this blog. x) gonna be cosplaying karuta soon with my team! they'll be watanuki and ririchiyo too. ^^ *excited*

Hehe I’m happy you like the blog :) It’s a pretty awesome anime XD Ooh that’s exciting! If you’d like, it’d be really great if you could send me a picture so I can post it on the blog for people to see :)

Anonymous sent: I love this blog!!!! :D

Aww yay I’m glad you do!! :)

What do you guys think of the manga so far?

Sorry I haven’t been on in like 7 months >.>

I hate school. Haha that’s I have to say. Filling out college apps is a butt and I HATE IT! I have a lot I wanted to post on the blog but I never got around to it :( But I’m back and I promise I’ll get on at least once a week or something! If I need help running it I’ll let you guys know :)

Hello new followers! :D